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Public Reports

Division 22 Assurances

As required by OAR 581-022-2305 Compliance and Reporting on Standards, all Oregon school districts must report to their respective communities as to the district’s status with regards to the state standards.


Student Investment Account SIA Plan

During the 2019 legislative session, Oregon’s leaders made a real commitment to our children, our educators, our schools and our state with the passage of the Student Success Act. When fully implemented, the Student Success Act is expected to invest $2 billion in Oregon education every two years; that’s a $1 billion investment in early learning and K-12 education each year. Of those funds, $200 million goes into the State School Fund and the remaining is distributed into three accounts: the Early Learning Account, the Student Investment Account and the Statewide Education Initiatives Account. Below you will find a link to our Student Investment Account Plan. Updates to the plan will continue to be posted on this page.


English Learners in Oregon Annual Report

ORS 327.016 directs the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to prepare this annual report on English learner program funding and student outcomes for the state. The report’s intention is to describe the population of English Learners in Oregon and provide a summary of district and state progress towards meeting their needs and objectives