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Title I

We recognize that parent involvement is vital to achieve maximum educational growth for students participating in the district’s Title I program. Therefore, in compliance with federal law and Oregon Department of Education guidelines, the district shall meet with parents to provide information regarding their school’s participation in the Title I program and its requirements. These meetings are to be held annually and all parents of participating students are invited to attend. Title I funds may be provided for transportation, child care, home visits or other parental involvement services, as appropriate.

Parental Involvement Policy

A parental involvement policy  is developed jointly and agreed upon with parents of participating students:
-Title I Parent Involvement Plan

Title I Plan

As a part of the district’s overall Title I plan, the district shall ensure effective involvement of parents by promoting activities that support a partnership among the school, parents and the community and that promote the improvement of student achievement. Plans may be developed by participating district schools individually or collectively.
-Centennial Schoolwide Title Plan

School-Parent Compact

A school-parent compact shall be developed for each of the district’s Title I schools.
-Title I School Parent & Student Compact

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Kimberlee Roth, Title Coordinator

Legal Reference(s): ORS 343.650 ORS 343.660 OAR 581-015-0750 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, 20 U.S.C. §§ 6311-6322 (2006).