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Scio School District Operational Blueprints for Reopening

For schools in our district to be able to provide any in-person or hybrid instruction, we must meet guidance from the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and the Governor’s Office in regards to a number of health and safety related items.  These include:

  • Community Health Metrics
    • Returning to in-person
    • On-site or Hybrid Model
    • Transition planning
    • Exceptions
    • Data and Studies Informing Decisions
  • Public Health Protocols
    • Communicable Disease Management Plan for COVID-19
    • High-Risk Populations
    • Physical Distancing
    • Cohorting
    • Public Health Communication
    • Entry and Screening
    • Visitors/Volunteers
    • Face Coverings, Face Shields, and Clear Plastic Barriers
    • Isolation and Quarantine
  • Facilities and School Operations
    • Enrollment
    • Attendance
    • Technology
    • School Specific Functions/Facility Features
    • Arrival and Dismissal
    • Classrooms/Repurposed Learning Spaces
    • Playgrounds, Fields, Recess, Breaks, and Restrooms
    • Meal Service/Nutrition
    • Transportation
    • Cleaning, Disinfection, and Ventilation
    • Health Services
  • Response to Outbreak
    • Prevention and Planning
    • Response
    • Recovery and Reentry

Each of the above listed have been identified in our individual school Operational Blueprints.  To review click the links below…

Scio High School Operational Blueprint for Reentry

Scio Middle School Operation Blueprint for Reentry

Centennial Elementary School Blueprint for Reentry

Lourdes Charter School Blueprint for Reentry

Willamette Connections Academy Blueprint for Reentry

Scio School District Outdoor Contact Sports Opt In Form

Scio School District Indoor-Outdoor Contact Sports Opt In Form