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Scio’s New Leadership Introduced

Posted: July 18, 2022
I wanted to update everyone on the process of the hiring of our Middle School Principal. Below you will find a timeline of events and how everything shook out…
  • June 6: Posted Middle School Principal Position
  • June 6-17: Collected survey responses from staff, parents and community members regarding the characteristics they would want to see in their next building leader
  • June 17: Selection committee met and discussed characteristics and developed questions
  • June 27: Screening of Candidates/ Selection of Interview Candidates
  • June 29-30: Interviewed 7 candidates for the position and determined three finalists
  • June 30: Scheduled Board Meet and Greet of Candidates for July 7
  • July 1: Was informed our High School Principal accepted another position in a different district
  • July 4: Posted High School Principal Position
  • July 6-7: Superintendent conducted 1 on 1 interviews with finalists
  • July 7: Completed Board Meet and Greet of Middle School Candidates
  • July 7: Halted Middle School Principal selection process to allow for candidates to apply for High School position if they were interested in doing so
  • July 8: High School selection committee met to discuss interview process, complete screening of applications and prepare for interviews
  • July 11-12: Conducted interviews of 7 candidates
  • July 13: Offered both the middle and high school positions to two candidates and both accepted
  • July 18: Public announcement of  the selections
  • After 18 hours of interviews, 20+ hours of reference calling, 16 pages of pros and cons listed, and several sleepless nights, I have offered the two positions to two of our candidates on July 13th and they both accepted.
  • Our next Middle School Principal will be Jacob Alburn
  • Our next High School Principal will be Kyle Braa
I’m confident we will be very happy with our selections. They are both extremely excited to become a part of our leadership here in Scio.  Both of our candidates begin their positions here with us in Scio at the beginning of August. Once we have them on board, we will begin the plan for an opportunity for the community to meet them in person.  As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.